My visit to Alaska - "The last frontier" : Part 1

I am currently in the middle on my Alaska trip and writing this blog from there.

Alaska is truly one of the last frontiers in the new world where nature is at its best. It is vast, remote, undeveloped with miles upon miles of wilderness teeming with wildlife. It is a very scenic place with magnificient vistas & sights. For those who don't know where Alaska is, it is on the North West end of North America continent bordering Canada on the east, Bering Sea in the west/South and Arctic ocean in the north. The eastern most end of Russia(Kamkatcha) is around 60 miles from Alaska. Alaska is the largest state in the US with around 656k sq miles total area, which is 1/5th the size of continental US.

Alaska has been one of my dream destinations and has been in my "Must Visit" list for close to 5+yrs now. I finally managed to take off to Alaska during this labor weekend. We planned to spend 5 full days in Alaska visiting Denali National park and Kenai Fjords National park. I took couple of days off from work, combined it with the 3 day weekend and headed to Alaska on 27th Aug. We planned to return back to Dallas on 2nd September. My cousin Anand and his wife Anitha are joining Anu and me for this trip.

We flew into Anchorage and are planning to spend 2 days in Denali, 2 days in Kenai Fjords and do the scenic drive from Anchorage to Seward between the two trips. The four of us reached Anchorage on 27th evening around the same time. We rented a car and drove to REI to rent camping gear and headed out to Denali. We had to stopover on the way for dinner & for buying food/grocery supplies for camping. Finally we reached Anchorage around 1pm in the night. We pitched our tents and by the time we hit the bed it was around 2pm. The drive was very scenic, Sun was up till around 10pm.

I will continue the with more details on our trip in my next post. Its getting fairly late here and we have an early start tomorrow. I have posted couple of snaps from our trip here.

Chugach National Forest - It is on the way between Anchorage & Seward

Anitha, Anand, Nandu & Anu at Polychrome overlook at Denali NP
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