World energy resources and consumption

My latest topic of research has been about energy. I was trying to check out regarding the global energy production and consumption and came across this very interesting article in Wikipedia. This is a one stop shop for all macro level details regarding energy.

Its amazing to know the potential of renewable sources of energy, specifically Solar and wind power(areas where we have current capability/technology). Even if we harvest a very small fraction of it we would be able to meet the global energy needs. This article also provides details on the projected lifetime of some of the known energy sources like oil, gas, coal, uranium etc. Overall i don't think we have too much time left both from resource availability and environmental damage perspectives. I see a drastic change in our energy sources in the next 50 yrs. Of our current energy sources oil & coal would definitely be on the way out, gas usage would have peaked and would start to decline.

It will also be very interesting to see how we master nuclear fusion technology and start using that as a clean energy source. The time horizon for nuclear fusion technology is atleast 50-100 yrs.

World energy resources and consumption - Wikipedia


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