Credit Crisis demystified by Jonathan Jarvis

Here's an excellent educational video on the credit crisis by Jonathan Jarvis. The video explains how the whole mortgage & credit system works and what went wrong with the system leading us to the present crisis. This is a "must watch" video for folks who are closely following the credit/economic crisis and wondering how this all happened and why no one has caught this earlier.

I loved the way Jonathan has demystified this complex issue and presented it in such a simple and entertaining way. I've spent countless hours reading up numerous articles/blogs & discussing with my friends in financial world to understand the credit crisis, This is the best and simplest explanation I've seen till date. Hope you like it:-)

For those interested in reading more, here's an stirring article from Orin Woodward on why government shouldn't get involved in this credit crisis and use taxpayers money to bailout banks. He says that this is creative destruction and this would help us evolve much stronger from this crisis. While I do agree with Orrin's reasoning, Govt sitting back and letting things take its own course is definitely not an option given the current recessionary conditions & scale of this crisis. Some of the banks/bankers who were the prime reason for this crisis might stand to gain from this Govt intervention, that cannot be prevented and its part of the deal. The risk of Govt not intervening and letting the country/world go into prolonged depression is way too high. It is going to be more expensive to clean up later and people will have to go through more pains (similar to 1929 depression) before we get the system back on track.


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